Saturday, 18 May 2013

Forced boat movements

Captains Log
Canal Date 18th May 2013
Location   Sharpness

Well, we can not travel up the River Severn for the foreseeable future as it is in flood. So that’s plan A well and truly dead in the water.

We were told that we could remain in the docks until the river returned to normal; however we would have to move out on Tuesday as the Fire Brigade are using it for a practice. As nice as it is at Gloucester Docks, we felt it was time for a change of scenery so we set of south again down the canal. We stopped at Purton again. This is my favourite spot on this canal. It is a fenced off area where we can let Millie go without worrying and the towpath runs out side the compound. Just perfect for us.

There was one other boat moored there but plenty of room for us. I expected to stay there for a while but this morning we were told that this location is reserved for the tall ships as it had a very deep edge. So once again we were on the move. We went a bit further south to Sharpness. We can stay here until the river is safe and in the mean time we will be able watch all of the tall ships go by as they travel to the Tall Ships Festival in Gloucester Docks. (Photos of tall ships to follow)

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