Saturday, 22 June 2013

Back to the narrow canals

After what feels like ages, we have left the wide ship canal with the Tall Ships and the rivers, we have now entered the narrow Stratford Canal. The locks and bridges are just so narrow. They do not look possible to get the boat through!

The last two weeks we have been travelling up the River Avon. This is such a beautiful river. There are only nice bits, better bits and down right bloody lovely bits. It cost £60.00 for a fourteen day licence. The best £60.00 I have ever spent.

We stayed for a few days in Stratford upon Avon. An Ideal spot to replenish the food stocks and we walked round the town just like tourists. On the down side, once you moor up in the basin at Stratford then you instantly become part of the tourist attractions. I had people standing on the back of the boat having photos taken and I could not count the number of times I was asked if we actually live on the boat or just go home every night.  The boat must appear on hundreds of photos and be viewed all over the world. Just like any large town, it is multi cultural, but with the added influx of coach trips from all over the world. Its hard to find anyone that speaks English with an English accent.
We are moored up just outside Wilmscote (5 miles north of Stratford) in the middle of nowhere. I can not hear and road traffic. The only signs of life is the occasional train in the distance. Perfect peace.
We will stay here for a few days.

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