Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Stourport or bust!

Captains Log
Canal Date 23rd April 2013

Cookley to Stourport
8 miles and 11 locks  1 supermarket and 1 canal-side cafe! (note no pubs)

We set off nice and early. It was good to on the move again, even better to on the move in the sunshine and better still to on the move in the sunshine in the warm. Good days are coming! We stopped at the Lock at Wolverley and had a tea and bacon sandwich. All very nice and leisurely. We then found our selves in a queue for the locks. Just passed the lock we came across narrowboat  "FT-100" with Roy & June. We stopped and had a chat for about an hour before moving on to the shops in Kidderminster. It was good to see Roy and June, they did look well. June is still looking forward to retiring from the pub and Roy is till not sure if he wants to sell it. Nothing changes there. Pam went to the massive Sainsburys while I stayed on board. I waited, and waited for Pam to return. After 1 hour 45 minutes had very slowly passed, she returned with a trolley full of food. We then struggled to find space on board to stow it all. By now it was becoming apparent that we may run out of daylight before we get to Stourport. We had a good run from there and arrived in the town with plenty of light left and we filled up with fresh water and disposed of our rubbish. There was no suitable moorings in the basin so we moved on down the 4 locks to the river. By the time we had done that it was just about dusk. I dispatched Pam to the chip shop and we had a chip shop supper in our boat. It was not a late night, we were all very tired and ready for bed.   A long but most enjoyable day!

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