Sunday, 31 March 2013

Captains Log
Canal Date 31st March 2013

Current Location Cookley (Nr Kidderminster)

What ever happened to Global Warming? Even the politicians are now calling it Climate Change! It is the last day of March and Easter Sunday. The outside temperature last night dropped to minus 7. The canal has gone all stiff again and all the bushes & Briers have gone very white. At this time of year the Daffs should have come and gone and the whole countryside should be shrouded in the green mist of spring.
We had planned to go away in the caravan for Easter and leave the waterways free for the weekender brigade. A good plan but due to climate change the event was called off. So here we are, ice bound in Cookley.
We shall be going down the river Severn just as soon as the river levels drop to a more sensible level.
I say bring back global warming!

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