Saturday, 9 March 2013

Captains Log
Canal Date                    9th March 2013
Current Location         Cookley Near Kidderminster

Well that’s it then. The first leg of the world cruise had been completed and on time too. It was good to have Jim with us. He is a bad influence on us and made us call into pubs on the way. We we would never thought of doing that!
We are now moored close to Cookley and within walking distance of our sons house. Unlimited use of washing machine and tool shed. This will do nicely for a week or two. We moved yesterday. We were right next to a road bridge with car parking. An ideal spot. Unfortunately, it was also a location that stopped all radio systems from working. No terrestrial or satellite TV, no internet, very weak radio. We moved about half a mile on to an opening in the woods. All systems working fine now. The down side is that we will have a ½ mile walk with the shopping. The good side is that we are ½ mile closer to the pub!  

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