Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Arrived At the Blue Lias Pub!

Captains Log

Canal Date                                15th June 2011
Travels                                         10Miles 13 Wide Locks
Current Location               Blue Lias Pub (Stockton Locks)

Arrived safely at Blue Lias Pub. A very welcome sight after all those wide locks. As usual, every lock was against us. We waited to share the locks after the first two. That made it easier for us all. The boat we shared with gave me a bit of a punt as he came into one of the locks. That was followed by the unmistakable sound of expensive lead crystal glassware smashing. I will learn from this and fit a travel lock on the high level cupboards.
The weather has been mixed today. First it was cold then wet, then wet & cold then warm and then warm & wet, then sunny. We even had it sunny & wet for a while!
I have summer clothes and winter waterproofs on the counter.
There is a classic car meeting her tonight, so we will have to take our camera with us when we visit the pub.

We will stay here until the M.R.O.C. event has finished on Monday.
Our plans of going along the Oxford Canal and then along the Thames is up for reconsidering. We have been told that the lower Oxford is low on water and mooring is very difficult. I do not want to be looking for moorings hour after hour. We shall do a bit of research and then make a decision.

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