Monday, 20 June 2011

re-tracing our steps

Captains Log

Canal Date                     20th June 2011
Travels                           8Miles 11 Wide Locks
Current Location         11/2 miles South of Braunston

Well, as nice as the Blue Lias pub is, All of our friends that joined us in their caravans have now left. The pub has had more of our unearned cash that I would have liked. (We did eat and drink in there most days, well, it would be rude not to) Time has come to move on again. It was a nice morning with no cloud or wind, so different to the weekend. After a truly professional turn at the Blue Lias you know, the sort of turn that you can do so easily when no one is watching, but is impossible when being observed. Well this one made me feel quite proud. We set off again to retrace out recent path. Although it is exactly the same stretch of canal it does look very different when travelled in the opposite direction. Perhaps it is the sunshine. We shared the Stockton locks with another boat which was steered by a lovely 80 year old lady who had little or no idea. It would have been very much quicker on our own but we are not in a hurry so it was just amusing to watch her get it wrong every single time. She was a good sport, bless her. The next set of three locks we shared with a much more able boater, with the help of his crew we flew up them. The weather was truly superb, with almost constant sun shine. We moored about 1 ½ miles south of Braunston so we could run the generator to do a bit of machine washing. However, all this enjoying ones self is very tiring so after we  moored we both fell fast asleep and by the time we woke up it was a bit late to run the generator, especially as other boats had moored near by. The weather has now changed. It is very cloudy and looks very much like a thunder storm may be brewing!

Tomorrow we shall move on to Braunston if there is any moorings left, and have a look at the working boat weekend. If it is full, then we shall continue on.

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