Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Brinklow to Braunston (Very Slow)

Captains Log

Canal Date                           15th June 2011
Travels                                    10Miles 0Locks
Current Location           Braunston Junction

Sunday 12/06/2011     Rain stopped play
A proper summers day. It is pouring down and I have had to don long trousers and a jumper! We lit the fire it was that cold. How different to the last few weeks. It has not stopped raining all day. Not even showed signs of slowing down, just constant heavy rain. They tell me that it is needed but the canal was very wet before the rain!
All the boaters passing us are dressed in very wet waterproofs and look completely soaked and just a bit fed up with it all. It is good have nice lazy day. To sit in a warm & dry boat and not to have to travel in this weather. (Smug mode)

Monday 13/06/2011      Brinklow to Rugby
We travelled to Rugby and had a look at the local trading estate and then looked forward to a night in Rugby town centre. (I do not like town centre’s) It was fine. Nice and quiet.

Tuesday 14/06/11         Rugby to Braunston
A nice day for travelling, mainly sun shine with the odd cloud. The traffic was about what one might expect for June. Some of the fields were quite stunning with the green crop and masses of red poppies. It looked nice but I am sure the farmer would rather not have the poppies.
We arrived at Braunston to find loads of moored boats. it would appear that they are staking a claim for the Working Boat Weekend in 2 weeks time. We found a prime spot, right by the junction bridge. This will do us for tonight. At last, there is a pub within walking distance! Best use it quick! It was one of the 2 for 1 pub chains and was very good indeed. Back at the boat, a couple walking their dog spoke to me. They congratulated us on having the best mooring for the show. I said that we were only staying the night and they almost wet them selves with excitement. The upshot is that I will hold this mooring until they come at 11.00 tomorrow and they will take up residence here. I don’t think they could believe their luck.

We shall move on down the Grand Union Canal this morning (Wednesday) to the blue Lias Pub at Stockton Locks to meet up with friends. We have locks to do today. We have almost forgotten about them.

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