Friday, 27 May 2011

There & Back Again. A boaters tail.

Captains Log

Canal Date              27th May
Travels                     Not much really, More of a there and back again
Current Location   Between Atherstone and Nuneaton

We moved from our moorings at the unearthly hour of mid day and travelled a full 500 yards before we stopped. That is a short run even by our own standards. We only stopped for fresh water and was soon on the move again.

There is so much more traffic on the canal than usual. They are coming thick and fast. We decided to moor up at a pub (Shock horror) The pub as the Anchor Inn at Hartsfield. An excellent meal and a few rather tasty pints of Bass later we wobbled off to bed. Next morning, note the morning bit here, we set off to Atherstone to meet up with a friend for lunch. The weather was not good, all cloud and wind. Not long after setting off the clouds did what clouds do best and it all fell on me!

We arrived in Atherstone at 11.30 A full 1 ½ hours early, so we had walk around the town before meeting up at the pub. After a nice pub lunch and a few beers we said our goodbyes and picked up some shopping on the way back. I am not happy with town centre moorings so we moved off again for pastures new. We moved just outside the town to Mancetter. It looked to be a nice rural spot. Not long after we had moored, a dog walker informed us that this was not the best place to stay as there had been a number of thefts from boat and houses in the last few weeks. We did not risk it, only a fool would listen to well meant advice and not act on it so off we went again. This time we are quite a long way from any roads so any would be thieves would have to carry their bounty a good distance. Let’s hope it’s far enough.

Next destination – Coventry Town Centre!

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