Friday, 20 May 2011


Captains Log

Canal Date                             20th May
Travels                                                    14.5 miles – 9 Locks
Current Location                        A5 bridge Hinckley

We are there. Five full days of boating to do what we could easily of done in the car in 1 1/2 hours. It has to be said that the five days on the boat have been much more enjoyable than any motorway car trip.

When we set off this morning, the sun was shining and little cloud. A good day. We arrived at our first lock within minutes to find a queue of three boats waiting. Normally after the wait at the first lock thing go smoothly. Not today. Each lock we approached had a queue from boaters coming off overnight moorings. Eventually things did sort them self out and we completed the 9 locks with little drama. From there it is a lock free run for miles. The weather turned very cloudy and it looked as if it was going to persist down at any moment. For once in my boating life it did not, but it was certainly a bit on the cool side. I set off in shorts & t-shirt, I soon put on a lightweight fleece and not much later I had a windproof jacket on complete with gloves. Is it still summer or have I missed it this year?

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