Thursday, 19 May 2011


Captains Log

Canal Date                       19th May 2011
Travels                                 16 miles – 4 Locks

Current Location      Whittington (North of Atherstone)

Another full day’s travel by our standards. We did a machine full of washing while the batteries are fully charged. This worked well but it did mean that we will have to refill the fresh water again. Today’s stops were to fill up with fresh water and a quick stop at a Tesco Local for a bit of fresh food, and to have a chat at Alvecote Marina, other than that we have been on the move all day again. The weather today has been much better than yesterday with sun much of the time. However it still gets quite chilly when the sun goes behind a cloud. Our route today took us pass Alvecote Marina where we bought Daddy Cook. We stopped and had a chat and were welcomed like old friends. I managed to scrounge some cream coach line tape whist there so I can now finish the paint repair at the back.

No for the bad news – we are nowhere near a pub so we will have to cater for our selves tonight. Still, it will make a change.

It has been a good days boating. Nothing broke, no one hurt, and every one remained dry. No so much a good day as an unusual day.

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