Thursday, 5 May 2011

More leaks!

Captains Log

Canal Date 5th May 2011
Travels none
Current Location Gothersley Bridge (Nr. Stourton)

We moved here just before Easter. We spent Easter away with our friends in the Midland Rover Owners Club at Eastnor. The weather was just about perfect with blue skies and no rain. Unheard of for Easter. We saw out May Day there before returning to the boat.

On return I noticed that the water pump was cycling on & off more than usual. It has always cycled on & off but now it is looking like a serious leak somewhere. I could not find a leak in the boat so an investigation is required in the engine bay. While under there I swapped the old original starter battery for a nice new shiny one. Had a good look in the engine bay - no sign of a leak there. After some considerable time with both of us hunting, Pam found a bit of damp behind the shower. There is no inspection cover so I had to dismantle chunks of boat to gain access. None of the pipes are leaking there, and it looks like the leak may be coming from the washing machine or a pipe in the kitchen. A complete bugger to get to! I pulled out the washing machine – no leak there. Next point to look at is under the kitchen cupboard, the one with the fancy corner unit. It took ages to empty the cupboard of food and strip down the corner unit. Then I was faced with the reality that there is no way of getting to the plumbing joints without removing the unit completely! That was not going to happen so I formed an inspection hole. After all that it was bone dry. The leak is not here! So it is wet behind the shower and dry at the next bulkhead. Further investigation soon showed that the leak was from the shower mixer unit and weeping in-between the shower cubical and the plywood support. Not possible to see at all. I think I am beginning to hate Polish plumbers. That’s twice they have tried to flood my boat now.

After removing the shower unit and having several attempts at making the joints water tight, I eventually re fitted everything back in place and what do you know – it leaked!!!!
I eventually made it water tight and the pump now only runs when the taps are on, just how it should be.

Next job is to sort out the pump out on the port side. There is a small air leak. Not a problem when a commercial pump out is used, but when I use my 12volt pump it is enough to stop it working. Once again, there is no provision for access to connections. This time I had to remove a fair bit of the bed and form inspection plates. I found that the fitting through the hull was a little loose. After releasing the hose clips and tightening up the deck fettling it worked. Result Steve 2 Polish plumbers nil.

It has taken the best part of 2 full days to put right shoddy work from when the boat was built. Not only work but there is always a bit of damage when you gain access to areas where access has not been allowed for.

Still, its not like I do not the time or have anything more important to do.

We shall soon be parking up the car and starting our World Cruise of the Staffs & Worcester Canal.

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Adam said...

How many times did you use a hammer?Its not a proper job unless you used a hammer!