Saturday, 9 April 2011


Captains Log

Canal Date                      10th April 2011
Travels                             none
Current Location           Still at Cookley Village

Getting itchy feet now – it is time for a change of scenery. We have been moored at this location for our allowed 2 weeks so we are expected to move on anyway. We were planning; no, I will use the word “thinking” rather than planning as plans can fail and thoughts don’t? As I was saying before I started an argument with my self - We were thinking of moving on to Dimmingsdale and spend Easter there. We have since found out that there is a boat rally over Easter at Dimmingsdale so we shall look elsewhere for a suitable mooring. I am sure we shall find somewhere between Kidderminster & Wolverhampton. Kinver or Greens forge are likely prospects. Both have pubs and both have somewhere to park up the petrol gobbling monster (V8 Disco)

Its almost a shame to move from here, we have grown to like it, nestled between the villages of Caunsall & Cookley, with nice walks and good views, plenty of fire wood, somewhere to park the car and walking distance to the Little Cooks of Cookley. I suspect, in the words of the great man “We shall return”

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