Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Cooks of Coolkley

Captains Log

Canal Date                 3rd April 2011
Travels                        none

Current Location       Still at Cookley Village

I have not published my blog for a few days now, mainly as we have not moved and not much of note has happened. It’s not all falling in and splashing about in the canal you know.
So what has happened? Well as I said not much at all really. We did have a tree fall across the canal a few yards in front of us, I am very glad it was a few yards in front and not on top, I would have woken us up!
The boat has developed a small drip (No, not Pam) as it only leaks when it rains and we have not had much of that it is hard to find where it is coming in. I can only assume that it is where Wilsons of Kinver attached a fitting for the rear pram cover. This has been fitted for two years and has just started to leak – odd indeed. I can not see any other possible way of water to penetrate the roof, after all it is solid steel and no holes or fitting anywhere near the drip point.
I have also been issued with a device that is supposed to improve battery performance. It is called “PULS-R BEAT100” from Puls R Ltd Redditch
It is very easy indeed to fit, it is hard to see any immediate difference but this is a long term test and a true and unbiased report will be made in due course.

It is just the best time of year now, the hedgerows and trees are wearing their best spring green clothes, and blossom is blooming everywhere you look. The birds are getting noisy doing what ever birds do at this time of year. We have nothing to look forward to other than the long warm summer days ahead – Life is just so good!
The long very cold dark winter seem to be just a very distant memory now.

Captains Log

Canal Date                 25th March 2011
Travels                        3 miles
                                     4 Locks

Current Location       Cookley Village Nr. Kidderminster.

We have now turned the boat round and have re painted the other side. It is looking much fresher now.
This morning was going to be a lazy day – Plan A was “nothing to do and all day to do it.” We do have quite a few of them. All was going according to plan until we had a phone from call Kath saying “We are on our way to meet up with you at the nearest pub for a spot of lunch” Well that sounds like a good plan to me, so we walked along the canal to the pub. The weather was so nice that it would have been almost a crime to sit indoors, so we ate alfresco. After lunch we all walked back to the boat for coffee. After coffee we took the two dogs a walk, Millie, as usual was in the canal almost instantly, quickly followed by Em. Two very wet dogs in a boat! Not good, but much better than me falling in. I have managed to go more than 6 months since my last dip in the canal.
After we said our goodbyes to Kath & Martin we reverted back to plan A

Next day, a lazy day with nothing to do and all day to do it. Once again it was going to plan until we had a call from Richard & Ruth. After a short chat, it was agreed that we should meet up at the pub for a meal (Spot the pattern forming here). As we were handing back a sack truck, I decided to move the boat to the pub rather than keep walking, well it just makes sense.
We had another good meal in the pub, Note to self – Must moor further away from Pubs if savings are going to last at all!!!
We are moving back to the Cooks of Cookley today, well that is today’s plan A.

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