Monday, 21 March 2011


Captains Log

Canal Date                   21st March 2011
Travels                        6 1/2 miles 14 Locks
Current Location       Wolverley (North of Kidderminster)

Well, we had a good time in Stourport. We spent the first night in the basin, a pleasant location and much quieter than you would imagine. The next day we meet up with friends Jim & Joan and went for a cruise along the River Severn. As it is still winter time the locks are closed for much of the time so we went as far as the locks then turned and went as far north as possible. While on the river we saw 6 King Fishers. I have never seen that many in one day. We moored on the River, much nicer than the basin. I think that in the summer it may be a very different story.

The next day we met up with more friends, Terry & Jackie. This time I had booked the locks so we went a little further this time. On route we picked up even more friends Geoff & Marg + 2 dogs. We stopped off at a river side pub that we have used many times when caravanning – The Astley Burf. It has changed its menu and now it is an expensive restaurant rather than a cheap & cheerful pub.

We have now left Stourport and have stopped just below Wolverley Court Lock.
This is an ideal spot to carry out a bit of spring time maintenance. I have re-blacked the sides and touched up the green paint. Just a quick job. None of the rubbing down and undercoating stuff! That will be done when it is dry dock later.

We shall stay here for a few days before continuing our World Cruise of the Staff’s & Worc’s Canal

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