Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Stourport on Severn

Captains Log


Canal Date                   15th March 2011
Travels                          6 1/2 miles - 6 Locks
Current Location        Stourport Basin

We have now been at Cookley for 2 weeks and it is time to move on. So move on we did. I dropped the car off at the younger Cooks house in Cookley while Pam moved the boat closer to their house. We met up at the pre-arranged bridge bang on time. I was walking over the bridge as Pam was going under. The weather was cloudy with little or no wind, however it was still a little on the cool side. Before long I had given up and put on my coat & gloves. It did get colder as we progressed.

As one may expect at this time of year the canal traffic was very light, indeed we did not see another boat moving until we came to a blind bend which narrowed into an even narrower bridge-hole, and as I was not concentrating as much as I could have, we were on the wrong side and heading directly at another boat coming towards us who also was not concentrating as much as he could have! With copious quantities of reverse gear, we managed to miss each other, just. With the panic of the day over, and nobody being slightly dead or even slightly injured, we carried on to Stourport Basin.

Once there, I filled the water tank that was looking a bit on the dry side. I am sure that if we had stayed at Cookley much longer, then the tap would only have produced dust!

We managed a stroll around the town, which took all of 10 minutes then retired back to the boat. The only thing of note at Stourport is the massive amount of pubs, Indian & Chinese restaurants, chip shops, Kebab houses and Pita parlours. We could stay here for weeks and never eat on the boat and not eat in the same place twice! Not that we would eat out of course. It just is not in our nature. (Its hard to type blatant lies with your fingers crossed)

We had planned on spending tomorrow chugging up and down the River Severn. I have just found out that the river locks are working to winter program, and do not open on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, so a bit of a rethink is required.

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