Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Cooks of Cookley

Captains Log

Canal Date                      9th March 2011

Travels                            Loads of miles
                                        Hundreds of Locks
Current Location          Cookley Village Nr. Kidderminster.

I have got a bit behind with the log lately. First of all we went to Snowdon for a week’s holiday in the caravan. When we came back we have been on a bit of a dash to get to Cookley by last weekend in order to help the young Cookies move into their nest. We travelled every day and most days all day even in the rain! Most out of character for us.
As soon as we arrived we started stripping wall paper and painting. After a few days the house looked a lot better and the young Cookies moved in. They are now officially the Cooks of Cookley.

We are moored next to a small wood with loads of fallen branches, more that enough to keep us in fire wood during our stay here. The village is served by several good pubs (Is there any other type of pub?) Unfortunately we have not yet managed to sample them all. Be assured that we are working on it!

The last few days we have been catching up on odd jobs & maintenance around the boat. We now have proper spaces for the stools at the stern, the solar panel fixing has been repaired, the cockpit light in now fixed, and the poo pump has been stripped and rebuilt. All of these small jobs soon build up over a winter.

When the weather warms up just a bit more, we will have to touch up the paint work where I have sailed just a bit too close to the locks and we will be ready for the summer again. YES - SUMMER – Do you remember that?  It is almost an abstract thought after this rather long cold winter.

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