Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dimmingsdale (Again)

Captains Log

Canal Date                     11th May 2011
Travels                            6 miles – 14 Locks
Canal                              Staffs & Worcester
Current Location          Dimmingsdale Lock Nr Wombourne

We sorted out the front cratch, it is no longer a fuel store, we can now use it as a seating area again, the wood & coal is back in the top boxes on the roof for the summer. I was hoping to give the rear paint repair another coat today but it has been too wet & windy and far too many crawly bugs that insist on sticking to wet paint!

We set off for Greens forge. Unfortunately the rain started just after we moved and the rain soon became a raging torrent of water. We were all rather damp. That’s life I suppose, 4 weeks of sunshine and the moment we move it starts to rain!

We arrived at Greens forge about an hour later and pumped out & flushed out the loo tank, filled up with fresh water and disposed of all the rubbish.

It did not take much persuasion to get us to the pub for a meal, it was as good as ever, The navigation is a no frills pub with good food – good beer – good prices. We shall stay here just overnight and look for better moorings tomorrow.

A better start than yesterday, the sun was shining, however there were a lot of heavy clouds in the sky but at least is was not raining. We had a leisurely breakfast and got the boat ready for moving. We were not going very fast even by our standards. I know that we were following some one as the locks were all against us. I also know that some one was following us. We did not catch up the other boat and neither did the boat following us. There was very little oncoming traffic. This is a hilly bit of canal and has plenty of locks. Most are spaced out at about every ½ mile but then there are stair case locks and the famous Bratch rise. We did see more than usual amount of fluffy ducks and moorhens. It is that time of year. We eventually arrived at our destination - Dimmingsdale Lock at 4.30. No Satellite TV, very poor internet, and what’s more, there is someone else on our spot! This spot will do us for a day or so.

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