Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Birmingham City Centre

Captains Log

Canal Date 22nd February 2011
Travels 9 miles
Current Location Birmingham City Centre

Well that’s it then, I don’t care what you say or think. I have had enough of winter, so I therefore declare that it is now BST (Bloody Steve’s Time) and as it is BST it is time to continue my world cruise of the inland waterways.

We set off with a full crew of Pam, Millie (the guard dog) and me – head of the daddy Cook Canal Swimming Club. We also had 2 none paying guests, Jim & Joan.
We set off at the ridiculously early time of 10.15 heading due north for Birmingham. We were very soon at Wast Hills tunnel, some 2 miles long. Just as we entered the tunnel the log burner decide it would be a good time to lay smoke, much like the battle ships did in WW2. As it was a bit hard to breath without choking, I decide that it was Jims turn to steer, Captions’ privilege! I did feel just a bit sorry for him so I returned a few minutes later, just as soon as the fire settled down of course.
When we exited the tunnel we were met with light rain and an unbelievable amount of rubbish in the canal. Signs of entering a city I suppose. I regularly had to clear the prop and at one point we had a complete child’s red slide trapped on the bows, which took a fair bit of shifting! Further along we went over the new bridge at Selly Oak. They have been working on that for ages.
Eventually we arrived at the NIA, no moored boats at all.
We walked into the shopping area and sorted out a few things, said our goodbyes to Jim & Joan as they went to find the bus stop. We had a very quiet and a good night’s sleep. It never stops surprising me how incredibly quiet it is just a few yards from the main night scene of Birmingham city centre.

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