Monday, 31 January 2011

Hopwood House

Captains Log

Canal Date                31st January 2011

Travels                       0

Current Location     Still at Hopwood

Is there something odd about Hopwood, does it have its own micro weather culture? Or is it just yet another conspiracy?

Why is it that when we arrive here the weather is fair, that water point flows freely and the canal is wet, and a day or so later the weather is cold, the tap refuses to produce any water at all and the canal is solid?

When we were last here in November 2010, we were stranded in the ice for 7 weeks, is 2011 going to do the same for us?

I replaced the cracked glass on the log burner the other day. What a difference that has made. I can now turn it down fully. It is one of those things that get very slowly worse, so slowly that you do not notice. It was lovely and hot in here as the fire would not turn down properly, now it will stay in all night. One of my few successes.

We have also managed to invent – design and manufacture hinged prop stands for the solar panels. Not only that, but when I fitted them, I did not fall in the canal at all, not even a little tiny bit. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to say that, especially as I was holding 240volt drills much of the time. I have not tried it but I would imagine that it is not that easy to swim in ice cold water whilst having electric shocks.

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