Friday, 28 January 2011

Hopwood House 1/2 priced meals

Captains Log

Canal Date            28th January 2011
Travels                   6 Miles
Current Location  Back at Hopwood again

We thought it prudent to move the boat before BW empty the canal, it is so much easier to do it that way.

We had arranged for some old friends & neighbours to join us for this short trip, so as usual we placed a car at each end and then set off on what is becoming almost a regular return trip.

The weather was dry, but boy, was it cold! Real nose dripping, earlobe freezing, limb numbingly cold.

After filling the water tank we set off at about 1.30 (a very civilised time of the day, none of this early start rubbish for us)

After clearing Tardebigge tunnel I handed the helm over to Des, he said he had not done this before but he had no problems at all, just like a pro. When he looked as if hypothermia was about to take him he went inside and I encouraged Sue to have a go at steering. The nicest thing I can say is that although she was not what you would call a natural she did have ago and did not hit anything (well not very hard anyway)

We had arranged to have a meal at the pub on arrival. As we had been in there once or twice before while we were stranded in the Ice for 6 weeks, we knew the menu intimately. Joy of joys, when we went in, there was a promotion on with a new menu. Not only were new things on it, (all just a bit more expensive than the last one) but tonight only, all food was half price! Although they were very busy, the service was up to its normal high level and the food was good. Thanks to Des & Sue for their company and I do hope that they do thaw out eventually and that the frost bite soon goes.

I expect to remain here for a couple of weeks before heading on the bright lights of Birmingham and the Black County.

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