Monday, 17 January 2011

Back to Tardebigge

Captains Log

Canal Date                  17th January 2011
Travels                         6 Miles
Current Location        Back at Tardebigge

After 6 weeks in one spot it was defiantly time for a move.

This time we were heading for Tardebigge. We had arranged to take some friends with us on this trip, Mike & Jo. After planting a car at each end we set off on our first voyage of the year. It was good to be moving again. It is hard to believe that only a few days ago we were frozen in ice, today it is pleasantly warm and sunny. One has to keep reminding ones self that it is still the middle of January.

A quiet afternoons cruising. We did not see any other boats moving at all. Mike did most of the steering, and although he had white knuckles he did not hit or sink anything at all. Having said that, he did look a little worried when he comment on how narrow the bridge holes are.

It took us 3 1/2 hours to do this run on the boat and 10 minutes to do the return trip in the car. 
On arrival at Tardebigge it was a bit like coming home, we are moored in the same spot as we did last winter, this time we have a better views as some of the long term moorers have moved their boats in readiness for the draining of the tunnel and pound the end of this month.

We shall stay here for a couple of weeks and move on before BW do get round to empty the pound – it is hard to move the boat when it is hard on the mud!

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