Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hopwood House

Captains Log

Canal Date 13th January 2011
Travels     None
Current Location Still at Sunny Down Town Hopwood

The weather has remained warm for a few days and I would be surprised if there are any icebergs floating now. The water has changed a lot in the last few days; it has changed from solid ice then as that melted the canal was crystal clear. You could see all of the supermarket trolleys, old bikes, bits of old furniture and all sorts. The one thing I could not see was my previously lost glasses! Then down came the rain. The canal has now changed into something resembling chocolate. I am sure that it does not taste like chocolate. Having said that I have eaten some awful chocolate in the past.

We have moved as far as the pub to take on fuel, and to the water point to take on water.

I reported the burst water pipe to B.W. long before Christmas. They have not been out to it so I repaired it my self. I needed water.

I think it is time for a change of scenery; I will stay here for the weekend then make a decision on which way to go. Life is full of complicated decisions. Should I go north or should I go south? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Sit Rep:-
• Christmas decorations packed away for 11 months.
• Solar panels just don’t work in the winter!!!
• Log burner has broken glass but still working fine.
• Central heating working fine.
• Inside a pleasant 26deg.
• Outside 11.0 deg grey cloud.
• We have full tank of water.
• Full tank of Diesel
• We have loads of wood.
• Coal is getting a bit low now but not using it much.
• Full gas
 .Empty wallet!

All set for a few more weeks aboard the good ship Daddy Cook.

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