Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Black Country Museum

Captains Log

Canal Date 22nd February 2011
Travels 8 miles - 3 Locks

Current Location Black Country living museum, Dudley.

After a good nights sleep we woke up nice and early and fully refreshed. Ready to take on another day on the high seas; OK another day on the cut if you prefer.

We had had breakfast and done a dash to the hole in the wall and were ready for set sail by 11.00. Pretty impressive stuff, I hear you say.
The weather again was a cold grey February morning but once again – no rain.

We travelled the 8 miles from Birmingham City Centre to Dudley without incident. The most notes worthy thing is that we never saw another boat move at all. This time we travelled the New Line. A most inappropriate name for a canal that is over 150 years old. Just how old will it have to be before they drop the “new” bit? It is a good canal in so much as it is wide straight & deep so you can make good progress, but it does lack much of the charm and character of the Old Birmingham Line.

We arrived at the Black Country Living Museum at 3.30 and set about filling the fresh water tank & empting the poo tank. It pays to concentrate on these tasks; it would not be nice to get the pipes a bit mixed up, would it!

Whilst travelling, Pam made a casserole in the slow cooker – it smelt very good indeed, it will taste even better when eaten with some good old fashioned Black Country chips!

If the weather remains fine we shall continue tomorrow down the Wolverhampton 21 flight. If it is raining we will wait it out here.

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