Friday, 3 December 2010

Hopwood House

Captains Log

Canal Date 3rd December 2010

Travels Still Not Possible
Current Location Hopwood (Just south of the North Pole)

If this is still autumn I can’t wait for winter to start!

It was -10.5 outside last night, that is just a bit too cool for autumn for my reckoning.

As I type this out it is a beautiful December’s morning  Blue sky and bright sunshie & still -6.5deg

It is still a pleasant 22 deg inside. I was a little worried that the central heating boiler may have frozen as it is in the engine bay and that is just a bit cool at the moment. All was fine –working well. I think I will put a bit more antifreeze in there soon.
I suspect that the ice is more than 6” thick now. I do not think that we are going anywhere soon. Maybe next year some time?

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