Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Frozen at Hopwood House

Captains Log

Canal Date 7th December 2010
Travels Don’t be daft; you know it is still not possible
Current Location Still at Hopwood (Just north of the North Pole)

It was rather cool outside last night. I can’t give you a true reading as some low life has recently stolen our outside temperature sensor. It is of no use at all to anyone else. However, I can tell you that it was – 9.2 inside the cratch cover.
Nice and warm inside, the log burner just ticking over during the night, enough to keep the chill outside.

It must have been the coldest night so far as we have a few problems this morning.
Hot water frozen, the cold is fine but a frozen pipe in the engine bay stopped the hat water for a while.
Central heating frozen, again, the boiler is working fine but no circulation, Once again a frozen pipe in the engine bay.

Sit Rep:

Log burner working fine.
Central heating frozen
Inside a pleasant 27deg.
Dog fast asleep on the sofa in the sunshine!
Outside -2.5 deg bright sun, blue sky, white frost glistening on all the trees, smoke rising vertically from the chimney. All very pretty!
We have ½ tank of water.
½ tank of Diesel
We have a reasonable supply of wood & coal.
We have enough food for the week, if all else fails we are only 500yds from a nice warm pub.
It is looking more and more like we shall be here for the rest of this year at least!

Still - look on the bright side - It's so much better than going to work every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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