Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hopwood House

Captains Log

Canal Date 28th November 2010
Travels Not Possible
Current Location Hopwood (Just south of the North Pole)

Well, like all good plans, you have to have room for fine tuning.

Plan A –
To move on to Birmingham on Monday – Delayed until Wednesday due to ice. (Remember the Titanic?)

Plan B –
To go to Birmingham on Wednesday – delayed indefinably due to loads of thick ice, this is not going to melt for at least a week.

Plan C –
Lets remain here until the ice melts. (This must be one of my better plans) The minimum temperature last night was -8.5 deg, which is somewhere between bloody cold and down right ridiculous!
To make matters worse, the log burner went out. It’s a good job the central heating came on this morning. I don’t think that we would have got out of bed otherwise. The only window without double glazing was iced up so much on the inside; it looked like it had a good covering of snow.

Sit. Rep.
Log burner working.
Central heating now turned off
Inside a pleasant 24deg
Outside -4.5 deg bright sun, smoke rising vertically from the chimney. All very pretty!
We have plenty of water and diesel
We have a reasonable supply of wood & coal.
We have enough food for the week, if all else fails we are only 500yds from a nice warm pub.
We shall sit out this cold snap here and wait until the canal returns to its liquid state before attempting to move.

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