Friday, 26 November 2010

Hopwood House

We have moved a few hundred yards down the canal from Hopwood House, to a very pleasant spot with good views across open farm land and a lot quieter. The pub do make an awful noise at around midnight as they empty the bottles into the skip. Millie did not approve and she insisted that we move.

This morning was our first taste of things to come. The canal is frozen over. The outside temp plummeted to  -7.5deg last night. Still cosy 25degs in here with the log burner on the go.

We are hoping to move on to Birmingham City centre on Monday, that is assuming that the canal is full of water and not ice! While there we shall have a look at the German Markets.
I do not intend to move if the canal is frozen. The ice removes the blacking at the water level and makes a horrid noise. I have plenty of time!

I have now successfully (I hope) hidden all of Pam’s credit cards !

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