Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Woverley lock

Captains Log Canal Date 13th October 2010 Travels 15 Miles 19 locks Current Location Wolverley OS Ref S0 832 792 That is a long section by any standards, by our standards it is a marathon! That’s why we took 2 days to do this section. We left Dimmingsdale and headed for Greensforge Lock. This location has vivid memories for us. No, I did not fall in here; this is one of the few places that I have not yet fallen in. It is where we had our first major incident, about this time last year. The plumbing failed on the fresh water tank and when we filled the tank, the water was going into the tank and then pouring out under the floor into the bilge. Although we pumped the water out, the boat never fully dried out until the spring, causing excessive condensation over the winter. The up side is that there is a very good pub there. We stayed there for the weekend and had some visitor over. Jim & Joan on Saturday and Ray & Sue on Sunday. All very nice to have friends visit us and of course it is a good excuse to go over to the pub and have a few drinks and a bite to eat. (Very good it was too) On Monday we planed to go to Kinver to sort out a niggle with a settee from “Wilsons” We arrived at lunch time; I know it was lunch time as all of the staff was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. The settee was dealt with very quickly so Pam made a royal proclamation that as it was Monday and as we were not that far away we should continue to Wolverley. There is yet another canal lock side pub. This one had a Folk night on Mondays and we had found it to be most enjoyable on previous visits. So off we set again. This time, as it was late afternoon, the sun was low in the sky and often right in my eyes. Now I am not complaining about the Sun, however, it did make steering a bit more difficult and at times, Its not always easy to steer the boat when you can not see where you are going (No Sun visors on the boat) well shall we just say it was entertaining! We did arrive in time and, yes, the folk club was still there and it was just as good as before. This is a nice spot; unfortunately there is no Satellite or terrestrial TV. No internet access and the phone signal are very poor. Nice and quiet! Next port of call is a proper port of Stourport on Severn.

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