Monday, 18 October 2010

Stourport on Severn

Captains Log Canal Date 18th October 2010 Travels 5 1/2 Miles 3 locks Current Location Stourport on Severn OS Ref S0 818 719 We moved on a few hundred yards, to the next lock. We were away from the pub and in nice open countryside. Here the internet worked and the phones were a little better. After a few days of this relaxing spot we moved on to Stourport on Severn. The journey was interrupted by a spot of shopping at Kidderminster. The town planners (bless their little cotton socks) have re built the town centre all around the canal so one can stop outside a supermarket and then outside a large DIY store, without any of that irksome and tiring walking. What nice people they are. After filling the fridge and cupboards, and spending a vast amount of money, we continued our trip onto Stourport. This last stretch of the canal follows the river Stour all the way and the sandstone banks are a delightful sight. You can see all the strata showing the previous times of global weather changes. There is nothing new. Who did they blame then for changing weather patterns? We moored up in the town centre, almost the exact same spot as at this time last year, are we becoming creatures of habit? After a short walk into the main road looking for a take away, we found ourselves inside an Indian restaurant. Very nice indeed but a tad on the pricey side. But then you do get what you pay for in this life. We shall remain here for a few days, at least until the batteries need recharging, before setting off down the mighty river Severn to Worcester.

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