Friday, 22 October 2010

Worcester City Centre

Captains Log Canal Date 22nd October 2010 Travels 16 Miles 3 River Locks 2 Wide locks 2 Staircase locks 2 Narrow locks Current Location Worcester City Centre All right, all right, all right. Yes I know I don’t like Worcester, we had a bad time here last time, but it got dark before we could pass through. He forecast was fine for Thursday’s trip down the Severn. While we were moored at Stourport, another couple asked if they could join us, as they were a little worried about taking there boat on the river alone. No problem, nice to share locks with another boat. The first slight issue is the dog legged arrangement of locks leaving the basin. I cocked it up last time and was determined not to do the same again. Obviously I was not determined enough. I made a right balls up again! There must be a right way of doing it, but my way was not it. The following boat faired slightly worse. Once on the river all is plain sailing. The river is very low and little current flow. With the deep and wide water it is possible to make good time. Using the same engine revs as I would on the canal I was travelling at 5 MPH (on the canal that would be about 2.5MPH) It is getting noticeable cool on the helm; I think that we have seen the last of the warm weather for a while. More and heavier clothes are required. I do not like the cold. As the old adage goes – There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. I intend to keep warm and wear the right clothing. We moored up in the centre of the city, with housing either side of the canal. Not a place where I would normally choose to moor, but it was getting dark and, more importantly, I was hungry and the dinner smelt very good. We did not hear a thing last night. Much quieter than the river moorings. The only slight problem was the pound has dropped over night and we woke up to a pronounced list. We shall do a bit of shopping here, then move on to a more tranquil location later today.

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