Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Dimmingsdale (Again)

Captains Log Canal Date 5th October 2010 Travels 14 Miles 5 locks (A much better day by our standards) Current Location Dimmingsdale OS Ref S0 860 963 Sunday’s weather was at best appalling, the rain did not stop and the winds were strong enough cause waves big enough to surf on, well almost. A day to stay indoors. We lit the log burner and spent much of the afternoon and evening complaining that it was too hot. Monday started far too early, we wanted to refuel the diesel and go to Dimmingsdale. The weather was fine, so we went to the fuel pump at about 8.00 in the morning. I can confirm that it is in fact day light at that unearthly hour, I don’t want to find out again in a hurry! After refuelling I had to reverse the boat for about 500 yards past moored boats either side. I am starting to carry out this reversing stuff with a slight degree of professionalism and often a smug smile. I was doing just fine until the bow decided to swing to port all on its own. Most likely due to me going a bit too slow but it was early and all the other boaters were still in bed. I eventual made it to the winding hole and made a good job of turning 58foot of boat in a 60foot hole. As we started the journey, there was a layer of mist hanging over the canal. With the sun shining and the mist over the water, together with the elaborate water soaked spiders webs all made for spectacular views. Once the mist patches lifted, the journey to Dimmingsdale was quite uneventful but none the less most enjoyable, the sun was shining all day causing me to wear a silly baseball cap with a large peak, just to keep the sun out of my eyes. In a very small lock, only about 6” rise, I managed to let the boat drift back into the lock gate. This happens quite often only resulting in the rear fender taking the load and gently rebounding the boat forward again. This time the rear navigation light was just at the right hight to take the impact. Now 25 tons of boat travelling at about ¼ mph has more energy than a bit of brass and glass can take, resulting in a bust rear nav light. Oh how I laughed!! We arrived at Dimmingsdale at 3.00 and by 6.00 we were being whisked away to dinner with Ro & Glyn. This must have been her way of repaying us for letting her work all the locks for us at Wolverhampton the other day. I repaid her kindness by spilling a glass of red wine over the table cloth and nice new carpet! (How to make friends and influence people)

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