Sunday, 5 September 2010

Unexpected Party

Captains Log Canal Date 5th September 2010 Travels 0 Miles 0 locks Current Location Wooton Wawen - Still! OS Ref SP 160 361 Yesterday was slightly unusual in so much as I had a hard and fast plan of thing to do. You just know that plans never quite work out. I was going to restore the covers on the rear stools, then wash the boat, touch up the paint rubs on the side and black the rubbing stakes along the sides. That is to make some sort of repair following my less than perfect entrance to some of the locks! In order to do this I got out of bed at the unearthly hour of 9.30, by 10.00 we had eaten breakfast drank our coffee and was ready to start. I recovered the rear stools without much trouble and I have to say that they look almost professional. I then turned my attention to the main job but soon found that I had to wait. Pam was doing some hand washing in the only bowl. Buy the time Pam had finished we held a meeting of the catering committee and it was decided that it was time for another coffee and a sandwich. A good idea as this meant we would not have to stop half way. Just as I was getting my tools together we had a call from my son & his wife saying they were coming to join us for an hour or two. Very welcome news indeed. The tools were promptly put back. When they did arrive they wanted to go across to the pub for lunch. We went along and had a light meal; well we have been here for a few days and not been to the pub. After the meal and a beer, I would normally manage to sleep for an hour or two but not today. We had another phone call from Terry & Jackie; they were coming out to visit. Not long after they arrived Russ & Sarah left. Within a few minutes Chris & Sandra appeared outside the boat. We all spent an hour or so reminiscing over time gone by. Some one (not me) said that we should go to the pub for a meal & drink. Now I never was very good at saying no to such an idea so of we went again, this time the episode of Vicar of Dibley came to mind where she had several Christmas dinners. Once again we had a pub meal and a pint or two. A most enjoyable evening with good company. The best part is that I managed to walk all the way back to the boat, in the dark, with beer in my belly and never fell in at all. I think I am starting to get the hang of this boating malarkey now. There are plenty more days to throw some paint at the boat.

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