Monday, 27 September 2010

Tardebigge to Hopwood

Captains Log Canal Date 27th September 2010 Travels 5 Miles 0 locks Current Location Hopwood We have now started the Stourport Ring. We travelled from our adopted home of Tardebigge. This time we had a friend, Terry, on board. Now Terry had never been on board a narrow boat before and certainly never steered one. He is not the most practical minded person, he would be the first to admit, however he did manage not to sink either Daddy Cook or any other craft. I. He was prone to the odd panic attack, other than that, he did rather well. After we arrived at Hopwood he tried out my electric powered bike. After a few feeble attempts he informed me that he could not ride a bike. The canal Hopwood is a place that I know well, and is one of my favourite swimming places! We went to the pub for an evening meal (as you do) and managed to walk all the way to the boat and get on board without going for a swim or even getting a wet foot! Am I getting better at staying dry or was it just my lucky day? Tomorrow sees us heading for Birmingham city centre, another of my favourite swimming places. The planned route is B.ham, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Kinver, Stourport, Worcester, Hanbury, and then back to Tardibigge. About 84 miles and 120 locks. We are expecting expedition this to take just over a month.

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