Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Birmingham City Centre

Captains Log Canal Date 28th September 2010 Travels 11 Miles 0 locks Current Location Birmingham City Centre We had decieded that we should leave Hopwood as soon as possible in order to arrive in Birmingham early enough to find a reasonable mooring spot. As usual, we did not get out of bed until after 9.00. By the time we had showered, breakfasted, filled ourselves with coffee, it was closer to 10.00. We still had to fill with water and empty the dog before we could start. So there you have it, our early start was just before 11.00. Not so bad for us. Soon after setting sail we entered the Wast Hill Tunnel, about 1 ½ miles of darkness. Usually you can just about see the far end but not today, the tunnel was a bit misty. At half way point, I could just see light from the start of the tunnel but still nothing from the end. As I approached the end of the tunnel I could see why. There was a narrow boat in the tunnel with out any lights on. As I got closer, they did eventually switch on their tunnel light and we passed safely. We made a pit stop at Kings Norton Junction to empty the poo tank and then continued on towards Birmingham. At Selly Oak we negotiated the works over the new road bridge. This does not appear to have changed at all since we last came this way in March. I am sure that complete canals were built in less time 200 years ago! When we arrived in Brum, we were met with most of the moorings being closed due to the Tory Party Conference taking place next week. I had no idea that most of our Tory MP’s would be arriving by narrowboat! Or is it that they believe that us narrow boaters are all distant relatives of Mr. Guy Fawkes. I don’t think we are related in any way but I do think that he may have had a good idea. I suppose that I can expect a visit from the special branch now! We will remain here until Thursday just incase they do want to find me. Next Stop will be the Black Country Museum. (Yet another Daddy Cook swimming spot)

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