Thursday, 30 September 2010

Black Country Museum

Captains Log Canal Date 30th September 2010 Travels 8 1/2 Miles 3 locks Current Location Black Country Museum Once again, the weather forecast was fine at first with rain later, so we decided that an early start was in order. I got up at 8.00 an unearthly time for me. It was just in time as we were joined by Sarah for early morning coffee before she went to a local meeting. We were moving by 11.00 and in beautiful sunshine too! We took the old main line rather than the new one, (The new one is a mere 150 years old) it is much more interesting. As the route took us through Oldbury and past my old office, we called in for a coffee. It was nice to see them all again but I still do not have any strange desires to go back to work just yet. As we left Oldbury on route for Wolverhampton the waters became clearer & clearer. Ultimately the clear water became a hazard to navigation. I spent far too much time looking at the fish swimming by and nowhere near enough time looking where I was going. I did not hit anything hard or sink the boat but that was more luck than judgement. We arrived at the Black Country Museum just in time for the first down poor of the day. I was surprised by the amount of moored boats, just enough room for us. The forecast is very poor for tomorrow (Friday) so I expect that we will remain here until Saturday when we attempt the Wolverhampton 21 locks.

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