Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The season starts

Captains Log Canal Date 17th March 2010 Travels 4 Miles 2 Tunnels Current Location Alvechurch OS Ref I don’t know! Time has run out for our winter stay at Tardebigge, time to continue our world cruise of the inland waterway system. Weather was fine with blue skies and light wind. I do think that the perpetual winter may at last be loosing its fight with the coming of spring. I set off wearing a short sleeved t shirt, basking in the early spring sun shine. Within minutes we were in the Tardebigge tunnel. It was bloody cold in there and I soon wimped out and put a coat on! We travelled for just over 1 hour when we arrived at a pre-arraigned spot where our Landrover would arrive later. We then spent 2 hours trying to find a bit of bank deep enough to moor against. We failed and are now moored some 4 foot away and are using the boarding plank. It is a pleasant elevated spot with good views towards Redditch. The only down side is that we are close to a hum-back road bridge. Only a minor country lane but most vehicles sound their horns on approach. The novelty soon runs out. I have fitted a very loud Klaxon horn and am tempted to join in just to see what fun I can cause. We will remain here for a few days before travelling all the way to Hopwood.

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