Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gas Street Bathing

Captains Log

Canal Date 23rd March 2010

Travels 12 Miles

2 Tunnels

Current Location Out side Sea life centre, Broad Street, Birmingham City Centre

OS Ref I don’t know!

Set off yet again in fine sunshine. On this trip we took my parents with us, mother was not too keen on the first tunnel, it is 1 ½ miles long and very dark and she does suffer with claustrophobia. However she survived the ordeal OK.

This is a canal that I know reasonably well, not from boating but from walking. I used to work alongside this canal many years ago and it was then when I first caught the canal bug. The trip went very well until we reached Cadburys when the weather turned cold and wet. Then when we went past the major canal works taking place by the Q.E. hospital. The prop caught up with something and stalled the engine. After pushing the boat as close as we could we made fast to the bank and lifted the weed hatch to remove the offending item. I never found what it was but I did manage to remove it and was soon on our way again. We continued to Gas Street Basin and walked my parents to the bus stop.

On returning to the boat we noticed that we were moored outside a pub that boasted opening hour were from 11.00am to 4.00am. I did not want to stay there overnight so we moved on to a quieter location. (I don’t like towns and I positively dislike cities!)

When we approached “Worcester Bar” there was another boat stationary in the bar, so we had to moor against the bank to let them pass. It transpired that they were filming something for the Discovery Channel. As we were only temporary mooring, I held the boat with the centre rope. A good plan, however the towpath was extremely slippery and instead of pulling the boat into the bank I pulled me into the canal!

Yes it was very cold!

Yes it was very very wet!

Yes I got my feet and my hair wet.

I have now found out how hard it is to get out of a canal when your clothes are wet.

I think I got away with it – no one saw me except the film crew – BUGGER!!!!

At least there are no major injuries, I have a massive lump on my shin and my mobile phone did not like it too much either.

We shall remain here tomorrow and then move on to the Black Country Museum on Thursday.

I think that I shall resign my membership to the Worcester – Birmingham Canal Sub Aqua Club. Did not enjoy it at all!

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