Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Will I spend the rest of my life in Stratford?

Captains Log Canal Date 8th July 2009 Travels 50 yards 0 Locks We have been moored outside the Red Lion Pub in the centre of Stratford, not a bad mooring just a few yards from the main basin. Very quiet in the day time but a little noisy from 10 till about 12.30. As we are usually in bed at around 10 this was a slight problem, not unbearable but it would have been much better without the drunken revellers coming past. We stayed there mainly because they were 14day moorings and the basin is only 48 hrs and we wanted to remain in Stratford for the river festival. On Sunday night, some happy drunken sod undid the moorings for us and we were up at 1.30am sorting that out. Next morning we moved into the basin, quite the opposite to the Pub spot. This was very busy in the day with wall to wall Japanese tourists, and fine by night. We purchased our pass for the River Avon and were ready to tackle our first river voyage. We set off at first light to catch the tide (about 10.30ish) I went into the lock, a distance of 50 feet. Pam emptied the lock – No drive. Nothing. We had to re fill the lock and pull the boat out by hand, much to the merriment of the 10000 Japanese tourists watching from bridge. A phone call to RCR and a man was on his way out to us. He was there within 2 hrs and had the correct part with him. By the time he had finished and we had a boat that would go backwards & forwards it was time to eat. Well still being in the town centre we had no choice. Pizza & Chips it was then! (We may start the diet tomorrow! After food we set off again into the lock and managed the whole thing without any drama at all. We went north on the Avon as far as is possible. Turned round and came back to Stratford again, this time mooring up on the river opposite the RSC theatre. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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