Friday, 10 July 2009

Stratford to Bidford on Avon

Captains Log Canal Date 10th July 2009 Travels 10 Miles 6 Large Heavy River Locks Current Location Bidford on Avon OS Ref SP 097 – 517 Lat – Long 52.09’49.1N 1 51’33.3W This time we managed to travel down the Avon without breaking down at all. The engine did not stop outside of a pub or anything! About a mile south of Stratford we came to the first river lock, these are similar to the wide canal locks but made of steel and are considerably heavier to move (Much to Pam’s disgust) As soon as you exit the lock you are then pushed towards the bank by the wash of the weir. It’s all done to unsettle the novice river boater! The river is wide and slow at Stratford. Now when I took my O level in geography, I believed that as the river went down stream it should get wider, just wait until I see that teacher, he knew nothing. After the first lock the river is much the same a many canals (except that you can see the bottom and for the strong currents) the scenery is magnificent and there is much more bird life to see. Some of the river side houses are new mansions with Gin palace boats moored along side and then next door is an old timber chalet. Such a contrast! On the river the same laws apply. I.e. you only meet oncoming traffic on blind bends or narrow bridges. We are moored opposite the Village of Bidford, alongside the recreation ground. Very nice place to be. It’s even better than Sunny Downtown Redditch!

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