Monday, 13 July 2009

Bidford to Offenham

Captains Log Canal Date 13th July 2009 Travels 5 Miles 2 Large Heavy River Locks Current Location Offenham (Fish & Anchor Pub) OS Ref SP 066 – 471 Lat – Long 52.7’22.3N 1 54’16.8W After spending a few days in Bidford it was time to move, the domestic batteries are now quite flat. I think that I may have a faulty battery, but which one. I don’t want to replace all four if only one is weak. After a phone call to the office a super battery tester was dispatched to me. No use trying to test a flat battery – it will only tell you that it is flat, so we travelled for 2 hours, just enough to put a bit of a charge into them. I did not want to get into Evesham before checking as that is where I would get any replacement batteries. At each lock we shared with a plastic river boat. It looked like it may have been made out old recycled Tupperware. It does look flimsy in the lock with steel sides to the lock on one side and 22 tons of narrow boat on the other side. All went fine and we were still speaking to each other at the second lock. We moored up at The Billington locks (right next to the Fish & Anchor Pub) It’s a lovely spot; we are on an island in the river Avon, an ideal spot for the dog to play. After letting the engine cool down I checked the batteries (not a 5 minutes job!) all four batteries are fine. Perhaps I expect too much from them. I have 440 amp hrs and they only last about 3 days. I have checked the charging, checked for discharge and checked the batteries. All are fine. I blame Pam; she wants the fridge on all the time. It’s only important when the weather is hot and the fridge is full of beer, any other time it should be off. She also wants to watch TV in the evening. I think that is we eat out each night the batteries would last for weeks! My thanks to Bob & Marg for bringing out the battery meter and for a good meal in yet another pub. As I said we are right next to a pub, no more than 100 yards away. Shame it’s on the other bank with little prospect of mooring on that side. It is a form of mental torture.

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