Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Straford Town Centre

Captains Log Canal Date 24th 2009 Travels 4.5 Miles 16 (Very hot) Locks Current Location Stratford on Avon Town Centre OS Ref SP 20395 – 55057 Lat – Long 52.11’36.1N 1 42’10.9W We had said that we were going to be very good and ignore the two local pubs at Wilmcote, not least due to the Stratford tourist prices. However, as with all plans, it failed! On Sunday morning we had a phone call saying meet us at the pub for Sunday Lunch. I know I am weak, but it was very good. Whilst we were there we had a rain storm, the sort that causes flash floods so we had another beer and waited till it stopped. I know, I know - that’s another sign of weakness. On Monday we set off for Stratford town centre. Not very far but plenty of locks. I know I am getting a bit soft, but I started to feel a little sorry for Pam – working the locks in the mid 80’s so I gave her a damp cloth to wipe her face (all heart me) We stopped on the outskirts to do some shopping. Tesco’s was only 10 minutes up the road and was, I think for the first time in my life, a pleasant experience. It was COLD in there. However walking out loaded with shopping bags soon had the sweat poring out! We continued our journey to the basin only to find it full. We did a few orbits looking for a space but there was not any. It was time to show off my new found skill of reversing a 58foot boat through a very narrow bridge hole! To my total amazement it all went very well, I looked like a professional. We are moored alongside the towpath just outside the basin; you have guessed it, right outside Red Loin pub. We are not used to town moorings and this is not a quiet town of a night. That together with the heat & humidity did not make for a good nights sleep! The good side is that we are under trees so have some shade.

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