Friday, 26 June 2009

Stratford or bust!

Captains Log Canal Date 24th 2009 Travels 8 Miles (Wow!) 9 Locks Current Location Wilmcote Nr Stratford on Avon OS Ref SP 16643 – 58525 Lat – Long 52.19’28.8N 1 45’28.0W Time to move on again. We had a visit from Chris MC last night and part of the conservation was based around the concept that I can not afford to maintain this lifestyle for much longer. He suggested that we should not moor next to pubs, so with that good and solid advice taken on board we decides to go to Wilmcote, a small village very much on the Shakespeare tourist run. On arrival we went to the village shop for a few provisions and what do you know – we had to pass two pubs. I suspect that we will have to try them both out. So far on this world cruise of the midland canals we have met 4 other Landrover Club members on there own boats and David W on his little blue BW work boat pretending to do maintenance. The day started of cloudy but very warm and soon changed to very warm and very – very wet! It was fine for me as we were going down locks but poor old Pam and Millie looked somewhat bedraggled by the time we stopped for lunch. After lunch the rain had slowed down to a normal summer raging torrent so Pam went to set the remaining locks. I tried to move the boat but to no avail. You see, before a boat will move it has to float and before it will float it has to have some water below the base plate. BW engineers are working a few locks down and have lowered the water levels for some strange reason. Don’t ask me why, asks David W, he was working there! Eventually, after lots of backwards & forwards stuff and as much rocking of the boat that my tiny 16 stone body could do I was off the sand bank. (This was not on the admiralty charts!) All of the remaining pounds were very low and navigation was best done a little faster than I would have liked, if taken too slow you soon stopped, a bit like trialing again! We went over the “edistone aqueduct” I have gone under this many times going to Wheat hills farm, I never thought that I have gone under this many times travelling to Wheat hills Farm in my Landrover, never thinking that I would one day be going over in my own boat. Apart from loads of tiny cute fluffy ducks the only other notable spotting was a King Fisher. (Beautiful Plumage) We are stopping here until Monday morning then we are going a short run onto Stratford (I shall add a few photos and a bit of video when I get a faster internet connection)

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