Sunday, 10 May 2009

There and back again

Captains Log Canal Date 9th May 2009 Travels 6 miles (There & back) 0 locks Current Location Same as yesterday SK37616 - 06826 Shackerstone I was suddenly and unexpectantly awoken by a telephone call at the unearthly time of 8.30 It was Russell informing me that he was on his way to visit us. All very welcome. After waking up fully it was a bit of a mad dash to tidy up the boat ready for visitors. We need not have rushed; they did not arrive until 11.30 When they did arrive I could tell by the smile on Russell’s face that he had made the trip in his cute little series 1 Landrover, all green and shiny. After carrying all of the stuff required for a barbeque on board we set to complete the Ashby canal. The wind was still a bit gusty, the sort that can and does catch you out from time to time. When we arrived at the end of the canal I made a complete and utter hash of the turn. The wind started to blow very strong, the boat only wanted to go sideways, and just to make it more interesting there was a shiny new boat moored in exactly the wrong place. We after a lot of backward and forwards stuff and Russell using the boat pole and loosing bits of paint we eventually completed the manoeuvre and moored up for an afternoon barbeque of sausages and burgers. The barbeque was fuelled by these new fangled self lighting bricketts, just light the corner of the pack and away they go. Oh no they don’t! We ended up lighting it again, this time with a fire lighter and wood. This time it worked. Eventually it was hot enough to cook on and in the best tradition the sausages burnt rather than cooked and had to be finished in a pan over the Barbeque. Having said all that it was a most enjoyable experience, eating with family at a beautiful spot at the most northern end of the Ashby canal. Both dogs jumped in the canal. Not where the water is relatively clean. No they had to go to the end where the wind of the last few days had blown all of the rubbish and vegetation into a rather unpleasant soup. After drying them out I think the best description is that they smelt canal fresh. After food we set off back to the visitor moorings at Shackerstone, right next the same pub. Well I am not one to be rude, so we went in for yet another rather fine pub meal. Tomorrow we are travelling just a few miles to visit the Bosworth Battle Field Site.

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