Saturday, 9 May 2009

Shackerstone or bust!

Captains Log Canal Date 8th May 2009 Travels 6 very windy miles 0 locks Current Location SK37616 - 06826 Shackerstone The weather was not good this morning with winds gusting at over 30mph, so we waited for the weather to improve before we set off. At around mid-day a frantic hire boater came running along the tow path with boat hook in his hand and waving frantically to us. Now let it be said that I am no psychologist but I thought that this man is in trouble. I maid my way-out of the boat to offer any assistance that I could to his dilemma, only to find that he had scene a “large chunk of green canvas blow off my boat into the canal” Realising that this is an expensive and important part of the rear pram canopy was somewhere in the Ashby Canal. Needless to say it had sunk! Pam& I spent the next 1 ½ hrs prodding the canal with the boat hooks but to no avail. It’s gone. At about 1.30 the wind had abated enough for us to move on towards Shackerston, At about 1.35 the wind was back up to its 30mph gusts! Only this time with rain showers!!! Still, as they say I have started so I will finish. I soon found that slowing down to approach boats or bridge holes was a mistake that would end up in drifting sideway in a most unpredictable and sometimes dangerous manor. We arrived at Shackerstone at 4.15. Surprise Surprise, we are right next to a pub again. This time it was by design. We are to meet up with some old friends Peter & Beryl later on in that pub. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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