Sunday, 10 May 2009

Battle Site

Captains Log Canal Date 10th May 2009 Travels 5 1/2 miles 0 locks Current Location SK39466 - 00532 Bosworth Fields Visitor Centre Woke up at a much more reasonable hour this morning, weather much better than of late, little or no wind and mainly sunny, however when the sun goes behind a cloud the temperature drops significantly. After a very leisurely start we stet off for Bosworth. We stopped for water on the way. I have never seen water pressure as high as this before; it was more like a fire hose. It took next to no time to replace the 100 gallons of water. We arrived at the visitor moorings by mid afternoon. We did not lose any paint on this leg of our journey, quite a change from the last few days! We went for a short walk to the visitor centre and looked over the old battle grounds. It must have been terrifying, fighting hand to hand using whatever armaments that you could find. Of course, there is the visitor centre café. We did better than usual this time in only having coffee & cake. This really is a good spot to visit either by road or boat. The moorings are very nice indeed. Finished of the day with a proper home (Boat) cooked meal, just to prove that we can do it if we have to.

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