Monday, 11 May 2009

Lime Kilns Inn, Hinckley

Captains Log Canal Date 11th May 2009 Travels 7 1/2 miles 0 locks Current Location SP 41225 92377 Lime Kilns Inn A5 Hinckley Woke up yet another windy day, this time we have to move on. We have a reunion booked with Wilsons, the cratch cover makers, to measure up and replace the piece of the pram back lost in the earlier gales. The wind made for an entertaining journey made much more difficult by the very shallow canal. If you are not dead centre then you are on the bottom! This would not be such a problem if you could keep the boat in the centre, but the gusts can, and do blow you sidewise very quickly. It’s even more fun when passing oncoming traffic. However we made it to the agreed meeting point with out too much trouble and no damage, I think that I am slowly getting the hang of this boating malarkey! The only down side is that we are moored outside of yet another pub. I shall be bankrupt before the summer is out at this rate!! It seems a little odd to moor right next to the A5 with the traffic roaring by after a week of very quiet moorings, Still it gives us the opportunity to restock food supplies and get even more money out the bank to keep local pubs in business. I have no idea when the man from Wilsons is going to turn up so we are planning to remain here until Wednesday morning.

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