Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Captains Log Canal Date 5/5/2009
Last night we had a visitation from the "MesserSmiths" which of course ended up in another pub meal. This time the menu was a little smaller than the previous night but the prices were remarkable. Most main meals costing less than £2.00. Now that is my sort of pub!
Moved on today to the tiny village of Marston Jabbett, you could not make up a name like that if you tried! Location SP 37959 88857 BY BRIDGE No 3 on the Ashby Canal. On route we stopped for supplies at Nuneaton. It is amazing how much less you buy when you know that you have to carry it back rather than throw it in the back of a car. It was a leisurely stop witch of course covered a refilling for us. The Coventry Canal from Atherton to the Marston Junction with the Ashby Canal is mainly back garden run, not unpleasant, but also not particularly where I would like to stay for any time. Once entering the Ashby the whole scene changes to a much more rural vista.
The only issue so far has been the strong winds, these have been causing my beginners steering to be more wobbly than usual! We found a nice location to moor up for a while, it is the middle of nowhere, not a house in site. I could live here.

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You put witch instead of which, no wonder I can't spell. Blogs are good, keep them comming.