Friday, 9 March 2012

Greens Forge to Caunsall (Cookley)

Captains Log                  6th Leg of the World Cruise.
Canal Date                                  9th March 2012

Start Location                         Greens Forge Lock (Navigation Inn)
Finish location                          Caunsall Road Bridge (28)

Travels                              Miles 6     Locks 6

The weather is a grey today, not so nice as yesterday but still good for the time of the year. We set off at the crack of dawn at 10.00. We wanted to get to Wilsons before they close for the weekend so that they could have a look at some repair work to the rear pram cover. We arrived at Wilsons (Kinver) at just before 1.00 After a short chat they said someone will come and look at the canopy on Monday. Now, that this may be unbelivable but we moored next to a pub at luch time and did not go in. How about that for will power!
We arrived at our destination for the day at Caunsall Bridge at 1.45. We moored closer to the road than usual. This is so that Wilsons can find us and to make it easier to move the batteries on & off the boat.
Why are lead acid batteries so heavy? They only store electricity. Electricity does not weigh much!

We shall remain here for a week or so before turning round and slowly heading north towards Lancaster.

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