Wednesday, 28 March 2012

7th Leg of Daddy Cooks World Cruse Of the Inland Waterways!

Captains Log 7th Leg of the World Cruise.

Canal date                 29th March 2012

Start Location       Cookley

Finish location     Greens Forge Lock (Navigation Inn)

Miles 7       Locks 6

We have gone as far south as we intended and have now turn to face North. This trip and the next one shall be no more than a return trip. This time though the weather was so much better. This morning was another bright and sunny day, I could get used to this very easily. We set off in brilliant sunshine, not that warm at the start, but getting warmer by the minute. It is one of those “good to be alive” days. The spring sunshine and new greenery everywhere you look make for a really nice cruising experience. We carried on to just south of Greens Forge Lock and the Navigation Pub. Close enough to walk to the pub but far enough away to not to be bothered by the noise. A pleasant rural spot. This will do nicely for the next few days before heading on to Dimmingsdale.

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